Free form of public transport

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I agree that e-bikes are a fantastic idea, my only big concern is that it is another way for private interests to profit while also locking out or exploiting the under-privileged. I say we implement e-bikes, without the need for renting them or using a smartphone to access them. I haven't quite come up with a solution around that, except - perhaps, (off the top of my head) when you take a bike you get a token, and when you replace it at a station you return the token and get a receipt or even a discount voucher or something of that nature (encourages spending in the city, if the person has the money). A kind of reward system for using the bikes. I'm sure there would be a way to do it for free, and without excluding people without smartphones. I'm sure others could have other suggestions on how this could be achieved. The bikes could be tracked to prevent theft. I just strongly disagree with public transport being even more privatised, it should be bought by the people for the people.