i95: Control Car Parking

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Reduce the amount of car parking and increase the cost.

1) No parking within 400 m of a school for an hour each side of the start and finish of school days;
2) Remove on-street parking if required to install segregated cycle tracks on important routes;
3) Steadily reduce the availability, and increase the cost, of inner-city parking;
4) Increased business rates for businesses that provide staff or customer car parking; reductions for quality cycle parking;
5) Vigorously enforce new and existing parking restrictions, funded through fines collected;
6) Protected parking places for multiple-user vehicles like car club vehicles.
7) Parking priority for blue-badge holders.


Active travel and public transport needs to be faster, easier and more pleasant than the use of private cars (ICE or EV).  Controlling parking is a way of reducing car use and ownership.  It allows highway space to be reallocated to public transport and active travel.  These measures also reduce the regressive taxation inherent in the provision of free on-street parking.  Addressing drivers who park on pavements, over cycle infrastructure and in violation of restrictions; will greatly improve the quality of life of all others, particularly active travellers, children, the disabled and the elderly.  It will also encourage a modal shift of last-mile deliveries to cargo bike and the consolidation of deliveries into smaller numbers of trips.

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Be mindful of excluding disabled people

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Completely agree with what is proposed. However, there needs to be an acknowledgement that disabled people are some of the most excluded in society. Access to public transport is not guaranteed - so some are left with no alternative but to use private transport to be able to live their lives as others would. Also, due to changes in the way Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are calculated, many disabled people have much lower incomes/spending power than their non-disabled counterparts. Introducing an additional charge will further exclude disabled people from participating fully in society. Disabled people need to be exempt from any charges - this can be easily accomplished by confirming their blue badge status.

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