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Create a House Warming Centre where DIYers can get advice and at-cost materials to insulate their homes.

Hull's low quality buildings are a major obstacle to reaching carbon neutrality.  The Council can ensure new-builds are of a high standard and district retrofit is sensible for Council owned properties.  However, there is a large group of owner-occupied houses where commercial wall and under-floor insulation is not economic due to the very long pay-back time.  Also, there are very few professional installers and even fewer who inspire confidence  However, there is also a sizeable group of people with the time and willingness to do DIY insulation projects on their own homes, but require access to sound advice and affordable materials.  A Council run Home Warming Centre would provide impartial advice and sell insulation materials at-cost.  The Council could negotiate bulk purchase and would not need to pay itself business rates, and so the cost of insulation could be well below DIY warehouse rates.  Furthermore, off-cuts could be returned to be used by someone else, including developer off-cuts that are currently a liability as they pay for disposal as commercial waste.  House warming parties, such as those run by Sure Insulation https://sureinsulation.co.uk/, could be used to train DIYers and people who would like to become  installers.  The HWC could maintain a list of professional retrofit professionals, with feedback from past customers, willing to do full or partial installations.

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Not just DIY

I think this idea is great, but I would expand it to allow homeowners, who cannot do it themselves to find information on trusted, qualified traders, who can provide this service.

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