i85: Commitment to improve infrastructure around new developments

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There are new housing developments popping up all over Leeds due to more housing needed.This should be an opportunity for cycling and walking infrastructure to be improved.One development on Clayton Wood Road, West Park has had the junction with the Ring Road improved but they have put in a shared cycle pedestrian path which is narrow and only extends a few yards either side of the junction.
Compared with the improvements near the new ELOR this is pathetic and not fit for purpose.
Another development in Meanwood near Beckhill Approach / Potternewton Lane has blocked of a path and national cycle route with no safe diversion provided.
If the council is serious about getting people out of cars they should be looking at improving infrastructure in the surrounding area when a new development is proposed. The ring road could easily have a cycle lane along most of it.
They should also consult with local campaign groups such as Leeds Cycling Campaign, Living Streets Leeds and Sustrans.

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