i82: Actively discourage students from bringing cars to university

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The level of on-street parking in LS6 is ridiculous but massively reduces over summer and the festive break, see also the level of car traffic in and around this side of the city. High levels of on-street parking and traffic are preventing Leeds from delivering reliable bus services and safe attractive walking and cycling infrastructure. Students in most other cities around the world are some of the greatest users of active travel and public transport, and helping young people start their lives without car dependence will be needed to shift away from our car based culture. The council can easily identify student households as they apply for council tax exemptions. The council should work with the universities to: 1) make all on-street parking in student areas 'residents only', 2) do not issue parking permits to student households except where an individual's disability or employment requires it, 3) provide shared mobility solutions to help students get to and from campus at the start and end of term (i.e. coaches and minibuses going to different areas), 4) provide students discounted access to Enterprise Car Club so they can still access vehicles when needed. 

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