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People do show increasing awareness and concern about climate change, but for many it is still something that does not always feel relevant on a day-to-day basis. To change this, we suggest a large-scale public information campaign. We suggest permanent postings in all forms (e.g. electronic display boards, hard copy posters) across the city (with a focus on the challenges the area is facing, any ongoing/proposed actions to tackle climate related issues, how people can get involved) as well as providing accessible informational material in all public spaces such as libraries etc. We also suggest the use of a permanent hub such as an open installation/exhibition in the city centre that can be used to showcase issues in the region/ongoing activities.  

We need to make climate change more relevant for people by constantly reminding them of problems we face as a result of this crisis. If the issue feels personally relevant, people are more like to embrace changes (whether these are political, structural, or more personal e.g. changes in everyday behaviour). However, we should avoid only raising awareness of the threat. It is really important that any public awareness campaign also includes the (hopefully ambitious) plans that the region has to make its contribution to climate change mitigation and, crucially, showing people how they can get involved in a meaningful way, not only on the city level but also on the national level. Having a permanent installation/exhibition would not only attract citizens and visitors, but also school classes encouraging schools to place a greater focus on climate change in school education.

Response to Suggestions

  • Events: That's a great idea to make use of a permanent hub or installation/exhibition space for regular events on climate change. Maybe having regular public events on climate change should be an independent initiative in this subject area? And to respond to Lauren's suggestion, if we have several climate emergency centres or hubs, we could do events (workshop, talks) across the city, not just in the city centre.  I also like the on-street performances idea.
  • Climate Emergency Centres: I like the ideas of Climate Emergency Centres and having several ones is a good idea. Maybe one could have a climate emergency centre in each public library or community centre? This would also partly respond to Lauren's suggestion. 
  • Prominent city centre art installation focusing on city's climate change commitment is also a great idea. I really love the example with the globes. One could call out a competition where (local) artist can complete with their installation ideas. 
  • Concerted campaign: I think one way to integrate a concerted campaign with the previous suggestions is basically have a big launch day for the climate emergency centres/art installations etc. To advertise this big launch event one could send out a letter to all households, including information about the launch event but also providing information about the background for the climate emergency centres and installations, so basically background on the climate emergency, on what the city is planning and how citizens can get involved. 
  • Hyper-local murals to raise awareness of climate emergency in various parts of the city. 

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The City Council is well ahead of public opinion with its carbon neutral 2030 commitment. However, very soon it will need to engage the population or face massive resistance. Already it has faced loud criticism for new cycle infrastructure where it has taken space from motorists. We will not become carbon neutral without significant behaviour change, and this won't happen unless the population has fully bought-in to the goal. Many other UK cities have Climate Emergency Centres, see https://climateemergencycentre.co.uk/, and Hull should have several (east and west). How about a prominent city centre art installation focusing on our commitment. One city has a carbon globe representing the average GHG emissions per person. If globes were added annually we could see our progress.

Focus on the Future

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I absolutely agree with the proposals around large-scale public information and engagement. There is next to none at present, and most 'big announcements' surround the costly preservation of Hull's past. While I am certainly interested in history and heritage, and can see its relevance to the tourism industry, no one will be coming to a city under water whose beautiful buildings are submerged. We need to change the message in Hull - and fast! A dedicated site in the city centre would certainly be a start, but we need to get the message out across Hull, including all the estates, and into the East Riding. There are various methods that could be used and I would definitely be interested in exploring a concerted campaign. It is vital that as many people as possible understand the situation we are in and what we, as a city, as a country and as a planet, are facing. And what we can and must all do about it.

City-wide arts campaign

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Fully in agreement for all of this. I love the idea of a 'hub' with exhibitions and things in, but why stop at containing it in one locale? If it's in the City Centre say, that's only going to reach people who already go into the City Centre. We know looking at demographics/research that a lot of Hull families cannot afford to all get the bus into town, or have no interest in going into town in the first place. I propose a city-wide arts and activism campaign, with hyper-local murals, workshops, talks, on-street performances etc etc to spread the awareness further. We have some fantastic artists (and activists) in this city, many whose work is based around climate change, and I think it'd be a good idea to utilise this kind of communicative and community-activism expertise.

Add Regular Events

I like the idea of having a permanent exhibition or hub to inform on climate change and empower people to face the threat by providing information on how they can get involved locally in their city and beyond. I think such a permanent place would benefit and attract more attention if it also hosts regular free public events on climate change, workshops, showing movies, readings, etc.

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