i65: Local and city-region wind energy generation.

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There was considerable interest in this type of energy source in the UK in the early 2000s and new products came to the market that were promising. However, there are fundamental problems with any sort of wind turbine in urban spaces. Essentially the wind speed is much reduced in urban areas, especially  where tubines are mounted close to roof level. This makes them a poor investment compared to larger scale turbines in rural exposed terrains or offshore. There are practical problems with vibration, noise and reliability. Horizontal axis turbines are the established well proven technology and are theoretically and practically more efficient than vertical axis machines. Water companies have proven that large scale turbines can be used on the fringes of cities with some success.

A lot more could be done by local collaborations between cities and rural communities. In countries like Denmark, farmers get direct benefits from hosting wind turbines. There are also good examples of energy cooperatives with local wind turbines.

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