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The Energiesprong approach relies on air heat pumps essentially, which have many issues and rely on well insulated houses, given the number of houses that need serious retrofitting before air heat pumps can be installed, a quicker solution would be to use hydrogen for heating. I want for Leeds to seriously consider the H21 project (https://h21.green/projects/h21-leeds-city-gate/) and start a trial within a district. 

A lot of the existing infrastructure that delivers gas to homes, can be re-used (albeit with some modification) for delivering hydrogen for heating houses. People would not need to change their habits, they would not notice much difference. How this could work is for instance described here: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/mar/21/is-hydrogen-the-solution-to-net-zero-home-heating Though the article raises also some issues, I think using hydrogen, particularly where the housing stock is old, is probably a better solution, that can be delivered more quickly than other solutions. For new built houses air heat pumps could be a better option as they are better insulated. 

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