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Within the context of trying to reduce our carbon emissions, we must reduce the production and consumption of goods, services and companies with high carbon footprints. Therefore it seems counterproductive that these goods, services and companies are allowed to be advertised. We propose a ban on outdoors advertisement for the following
  - Airlines and airports: all advertising by travel agents, airports and airlines which might reasonably be deemed to promote more flying
  - Advertising by fossil fuel companies: We define fossil fuel companies as firms that have over 80% of their investments in coal, oil and gas.
  - Cars: all advertising and promotions for petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

As far as we know, there are currently no bans on advertisement for high carbon products anywhere in the world, although cities like Liverpool, Norwich and Amsterdam have recently taken the first steps towards such a legislation.

It is important to emphasise that the ban would be on the ads and not on the products themselves, similar to the current ban on tobacco advertisement.

Relevant facts and references:
- There are currently no low-carbon options for air travel, and “Zero-carbon aviation is highly unlikely to be feasible by 2050′′, according to the Climate Change Committee
- Carbon Underground 200 provides a useful methodology for defining fossil fuel companies. The ban should cover fossil fuel companies advertising their ‘green’ activities, since such ads would effectively be promoting the whole company.
- The health costs of cars in Leeds amounted to £77 million in 2018. PHEVs have been shown not to yield meaningful emissions savings over conventional vehicles.
- a ban on junk food ads in Transport for London has not yielded any loss on ad revenue.

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Travel agent advertisments

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Can we also include ads for holidays abroad from travel agent companies? These products will also involve flying.

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