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Allocate each household with a personal carbon allowance. Each daily activity should be given a carbon value and comes out of the allowance. You should be able to trade your carbon allowance/sell if you have excess/buy from another household if you need more.


To get people to think about the impact of their day to day activities and to impose an overall cap on emissions in an area. But to allow people flexibility to choose how they use their allowance or make money from excess allowance if they live a low carbon lifestyle

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I think that a widesclae public info campaign/hub across the city is great but that we need to go further and PCT offers an alternative way to engage and educate people. By putting in a system of PCT/running this scheme independently all households across the region will have to engage with and think about their climate impact and how to manage that on a personalised and individual basis. It means people will have to learn more about climate impacts and also take action so is a more direct way of rasing awareness and education. 

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Given you posted this as a competing initiative, can you please explain, why you think this would be a better way to educate people and raise awareness? Or is this initiative meant to be independent of the original one?

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