i31: Toll for entry into the city centre with private car

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Introduce a toll for entry into the city centre with a private vehicle


To reduce numbers of private cars/to encourage car sharing 

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I like the idea, but I am not sure, why this is a competing initiative? Surely both initiatives could perfectly co-exist?

Refine private vehicle

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Different types of private vehicles should face different charges for entering the city. Rather than a toll I think it should be a emissions charge, with how much you pay determined by the emissions of the vehicle e.g. unpowered or electric vehicles - free, small ICE vehicles like motorbikes and scooters - higher, ICE cars and vans should pay more and ICE HGVs should pay the most. This provides an incentive for people to reduce transport demands and to move towards lower emission vehicles. The emissions charges could be ring-fenced to be only spent on improvements to active and public transport infrastructure.

Pedestrianise the City Centre!

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With the exception of bicycles, buses, taxis, deliveries and emergency services, I'd love to see the whole of the City Centre fully pedestrianised!

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