i28: Public transport between Leeds neighbourhoods - not just in and out of the congested city centre

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The new bus map of Leeds shows in glorious technicolour why so many people in Leeds feel they need to have a car. All the bus routes run in and out of the city centre - which is still crammed with cars - meaning making the short car drives between Leeds' highly populous suburbs one needs to take at least 2 buses, and the journey takes at least an hour (if the buses actually show up and run on time and don't get stuck in traffic) whereas it would take only 5-10 minutes in a car. Even just a single circular route would make a huge difference, though much more is needed. A huge number of car miles are not for commute, but for the school run, visiting friends and family, health, and leisure - much of which does not involve the city centre. 

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Demand responsive transport

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I believe a more modern transport system is needed. For example Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) has been trialled in the UK. For example: https://www.arriva.co.uk/en/transport-modes/drt-and-other-services/demand-responsive-transport I believe the council want to trial this sort of service in East Leeds. See this link for details: https://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/projects/leeds-public-transport-investment-programme-lptip/east-leeds-demand-responsive-travel/ This may well be the solution to the circular route problem which I presume hasn't worked in the past because of low patronage.

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