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Trying to do a door to door journey across multiple buses and trains, especially on train routes where 2 operators run, is overly complex and incredibly expensive. We desperately need an integrated ticketing system (at least across each city but ideally across the whole region) which has fixed affordable prices based on journey times or distance, as London and most cities across Europe do. This would massively simplify the use of public transport and make it a much less frustrating, expensive and off-putting experience for everyone, but especially for those we need to tempt out of their cars. It would also be more accessible and inclusive for non-native English speakers, young and old people, people with disabilities, and for women - who do far more chained journeys than men. 

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Different Operators

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I really agree with this initiative, I had so many frustrating experiences having to navigate different operators on different parts of a journey. There is the metro card, which is meant to provide some coordinated ticketing, though I have never tried it out myself, but can we expand this to start with or do we need a different system? Do we need some institution that coordinates the different operators and sets ticketing policies?

Public ownership

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Northern Rail is now in public ownership and the new Mayor for WY wants to bring the buses under public ownership also. However, the Govn't wants WY to continue working with existing bus companies. I have used city public transport payment systems in many cities. In Hong Kong with the Octopus card you can ride trains, metro, buses, ferries plus buy food and outlets within the metro stations. The Oyster in London is also good but now you don't even need a card. You can register a credit card and use that instead. I would use public transport more with a smart payment system. My suggestion would be a flat fare for riding a bus of say £2. Train fares can be charged automatically. If a light rail system emerges this should be included in the same system. Note, the overseeing body already exists. https://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/

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