i25: Make city bus travel free

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For those with a car the marginal cost of driving is almost always cheaper than taking the bus for journeys within the city, especially for families travelling together. Even taxis are comparable to the cost of the bus, especially for journeys that would involve multiple bus companies, or for 2 or more people travelling together. Together with the general inconvenience of the bus for many journeys, this means only those with no access to a car or those very committed to public transport will use the bus. To achieve real reductions in emissions public transport needs to be used regularly by everyone. To make public transport the norm, the bus ought to set the baseline as the cheapest option, available to all. The simplest way to achieve this is the fund the bus service directly from taxation and make it free at the point of use. While this would increase taxation, it would benefit everyone who uses the buses immediately, open up transport to those for whom the bus is currently too expensive and even benefit those who continue to use the car by reducing congestion and air pollution. It would also make buses run more effectively as there would less delay with people paying on entry.

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