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I suggest implementing an electric bicycle renting scheme across the city with frequent stations where citizens (and visitors) can rent an e-bike and then leave it at the next station close to their destination. E-bikes should be offered along with conventional bicycles. Renting can work through an app. For it to be successful, the network of stations needs to be dense. Also, I would like to see e-bikes available to rent with children seats and cargo e-bikes. A similar scheme exists for instance in Verona, Italy, see here: https://bikeverona.it/en. Vouchers should be given to low-income households.  

We need to move away from excessive private car usage, particularly within the city, for climate change reasons, for health reasons (air pollution) and for aesthetic reasons. While the expansion of public transport such as buses is quite important, people do like their independence and for that reason often prefer cars, so e-bikes could be a more attractive solution as it allows for greater personal control (no need to wait for the bus) while avoiding all the issues that come with car usage. Also, people may prefer to avoid packed public transport. Bicycles have the additional benefit of providing an exercise opportunity, but for people who are not very fit, e-bikes are needed given the hilliness of the roads and general preference in the population for low-impact workouts. Offering e-bikes with child seats given families with small children access to this service. And offering cargo e-bikes for rent would allow people to use the e-bikes to transport small goods (e.g. shopping). 

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  • Safe Cycle Lanes: Yes, safe cycle lanes are indeed needed. Though I don't think it's one of the other. I would hope, that if the city commits to implementing a e-bike renting scheme they will also make sure they expand bike lanes network to encourage the usage of these bikes. Maybe a separate initiative on this would be good? 

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Bike lanes

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I would love to see a rental scheme such as this. But to feel comfortable using bikes in heavy traffic areas I think there needs to be much better bike lanes etc. for safety,

Agree with Joanne

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I agree with Joanne. The greatest disincentive to people using cycles is the fear of being injured by a motorist. On road cycle lanes are the least effective cycle infrastructure at addressing this valid concern. There is ample evidence that motorists approach closer to cyclists when there is a cycle lane present. For a cycle hire scheme to be adopted we need a network of direct, segregated cycle routes with priority where they cross routes for higher emission vehicles. If such network existed then many residents would own and use their own bikes, including cargo bikes, as has been demonstrated in Denmark and the Netherlands. The hire scheme would still be required for visitors and when residents undertake mixed-mode journeys e.g. bus then bike, or when they need to move goods.

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