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Decarbonisation will require lots of skilled and trained professionals, who can deliver on transforming existing and building new infrastructure, whether it’s installing electric vehicle charging units, or retrofitting homes etc. We suggest creating a new Green Jobs Training Centre, that would also provide re-training, so people, who have worked previously in the fossil-fuel sector (e.g. gas engineers) can transition to new professions (e.g. heat air pump engineers). We would like to see a training centre that offers high quality training with courses and certificates that meet the highest international industry standards. Ideally the training and re-training would be subsidised, to encourage more people to seek transition into green jobs. A training centre of this kind has been opened recently in London: https://www.fenews.co.uk/press-releases/72834-institute-of-technology-to-play-key-role-in-training-for-green-jobs  

If we want to get people on board, we must show them the opportunities that the decarbonisation transition provides, such as new green jobs. This provides an opportunity not only to re-skill, but also provides a big opportunity for the young and/or unemployed in our area. It should be made easy for people to pursue a career in/transition into these new green jobs. Opening training centres across the country and subsidising the training would facilitate that. Moreover, by creating a local/regional high-skilled workforce for green transition, the transition itself can progress much more quickly and smoothly. By having such a Training Centre in our city, our area can establish itself as a leader for the green transition nationwide, facilitating innovation and the creation of new green businesses.

Response to Suggestions
  • Young people: Yes, I think once the centre has opened it should be advertised as an opportunity for young people to make a career in the green sector, one could advertise it in schools etc. So yes, while the centre should provide reskilling opportunities for those already on the job market, it should also provide training for those leaving school etc. 
  • Linking with local training institutions: agreed. 
  • Loans/grants: great idea to make loans or grants available to people training from the off-setting fund or the Green Bonds.

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Getting college students involved

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More green trianing is a great idea. I wonder if there is a way to try and get more school leavers/college level students involved and encouraging young people to aim for a career in green development sectors?

Reskilling and retraining

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There is a clear need to start reskilling/upskilling/retraining the gas fitters and car mechanics we already have, to make sure they are part of the solution not the problem and also that they are employable in the future. A training centre would be a fantastic addition to a region that is increasingly billing itself as critical to Britain's net-zero goals. We also have a number of employers in the Hull area who might be persuaded to work with local colleges to devise and deliver the training, qualifications and accreditation needed to start seriously decarbonising our housing stock.

Definitely needed

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Hull certainly needs more retrofit professionals. The failure of the Green Homes Grant was due to lack of people to do the work. Although holistic building assessment is skilled and technical, much of the installation work (such as installing insulation) is far less so. Linking with a FE institution, such as Hull College or Grimsby Institute, could produce a generation of retrofit entrepreneurs. Maybe loans or grants could be made to people training from the off-setting fund or the Green Bonds.

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