i113: Address manufactured highway defects that endanger low-emission travellers.

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1) Prioritise fixing highway defects that affect low-emission travellers.
2) The Council should hold a deposit from companies that frequently dig up the highway.  When the work is complete, the area should be inspected and if not adequately finished it would be brought up to standard with works paid for from the deposit.  No further (non-emergency) works would be allowed until the deposit was brought up to the prescribed level.

Across Hull, there are many over and under-filled ditches where utilities have dug up the highway to access cables, pipes etc.  These are usually linear defects across the highway that cannot be avoided by travellers.  They exist due to the incompetence or indifference of the people who did the work.  The consequences can be death or injury to cyclists or the users of other low-emission vehicles (scooters, skateboards, ...).  If not constantly vigilant, these travellers risk losing control or being knocked into the path of a heavy vehicle.  Similar defects on footpaths can also lead to injuries among pedestrians and are particularly discriminatory against the disabled, the elderly and young children.  The affect of road defects should be quantified by the total deviation and acceleration experienced by the handlebars of a stiff commuting bike ridden at design speed (30 km/h or 40 km/h) over the defect.  No new defects should be allowed that would cause sufficient deviation or acceleration on the handlebars for the traveller to deviate sideways more than 20 cm.  The Council is particularly guilty of this, frequently resurfacing roads without lifting drains or manhole covers.  Any sunken drain or manhole covers that do not meet the handlebar standard need to be repaired urgently.  Prioritisation of repairs should also take position into account i.e. those more likely to affect low-emission travellers should be prioritised.

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