i111: Public competition for emission reduction project funding.

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Run an annual public competition to select emission reduction projects for Council funding.

This year, the Council had a budget of approximately £19 million for climate change projects (compared to £27 million for road schemes).  This money funds projects such as the installation of PV canopies over city centre car parks and EV charging stations.  These projects are proposed and selected through some murky council process.  The PV canopy project looks like the use of council tax to encourage wealthy people to drive into the city centre.  It is questionable how much resident support some of the proposed projects would attract.  The conspicuous use of council tax to fund counter-productive and unpopular projects inevitably leads to disengagement, in a city where many wards have <20% turn-out at local elections.  A better way to select projects would be a public competition for funding.  Anyone could submit a proposal with a rough budget and estimated emission reductions.  A panel of trusted experts could order the projects by merit and the best could be selected to be presented in a public event where questions could be posed and the final selection made based on panel and participant voting.  It would help a project if it attracted additional funding from other sources.  The Council would need to help people turn their ideas into project proposals, possibly through local libraries.  Each funded project would have a web page with information such as proposed and actual, budget and emission reductions.  Proposers could be involved throughout the project and blog on the project page.

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