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People do show increasing awareness and concern about climate change, but for many it is still something that does not always feel relevant on a day-to-day basis. To change this, we suggest a large-scale public information campaign. We suggest permanent postings in all forms (e.g. electronic display boards, hard copy posters) across the city (with a focus on the challenges the area is facing, any ongoing/proposed actions to tackle climate related issues, how people can get involved) as well as providing accessible informational material in all public spaces such as libraries etc. We also suggest the use of a permanent hub such as an open installation/exhibition in the city centre that can be used to showcase issues in the region/ongoing activities.


We need to make climate change more relevant for people by constantly reminding them of problems we face as a result of this crisis. If the issue feels personally relevant, people are more like to embrace changes (whether these are political, structural, or more personal e.g. changes in everyday behaviour). However, we should avoid only raising awareness of the threat. It is really important that any public awareness campaign also includes the (hopefully ambitious) plans that the region has to make its contribution to climate change mitigation and, crucially, showing people how they can get involved in a meaningful way, not only on the city level but also on the national level. Having a permanent installation/exhibition would not only attract citizens and visitors, but also school classes encouraging schools to place a greater focus on climate change in school education.

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Using the space to also have changing exhibits of  films/local artwork/readings/performance etc. with a climate and or local related theme would be a great way to encourage people into the space and generate wider engagement

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I like the idea of having a permanent exhibition or hub to inform on climate change and empower people to face the threat by providing information on how they can get involved locally in their city and beyond. I think such a permanent place would benefit and attract more attention if it also hosts regular free public events on climate change, workshops, showing movies, readings, etc.

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