i107: Transport infrastructure funding linked to modal choices in a carbon neutral city.

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The amounts spent on transport infrastructure development and maintenance should be strongly linked to the proportion of journeys undertaken by different modes (walking, cycling, public transport and private vehicle,...) in a carbon neutral Hull.

Almost all transport infrastructure spending by HullCC has been on roads for cars.  The inadequate and substandard cycling infrastructure is generally paid for through grants from central government.  Pedestrians and cyclists pay the same council tax as motorists, but get far fewer services for it.  Council tax is a regressive tax that transfers wealth from the poor and responsible to private motorists.  This must stop.  As part of the carbon neutral transition plan, Hull needs timeline of infrastructure changes so our transport infrastructure is suitable for a carbon neutral city.  In Copenhagen, a city much closer to carbon neutrality than Hull, half of all commuting journeys are made by cycle.  This is a demonstrably achievable ambition for Hull and so half of infrastructure spending needs to go to cycle infrastructure.

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