i106: Remove planning permission requirements for external wall insulation.

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Remove planning permission requirements for external wall insulation.

We are in a climate emergency and need our buildings insulated as fast as we can.  Hull has many solid wall buildings for which the best option is external wall insulation.  Hull City Council requires planning permission for the installation of external wall insulation to buildings in conservation areas.  Planning permission is also required for all buildings if the installation changes the external appearance.  Planning permission costs hundreds of pounds and introduces a delay of many months to a project.  The requirement made it impossible for many people to insulate their homes under the Green Homes Grant.  The requirement for planning permission may have stopped some ugly insulation jobs, although ugly is subjective and there is no evidence to support this conjecture.  It may also have saved some historical features from being damaged, although there is also no evidence for this.  It has definitely delayed or prevented many insulation projects.  The cost massively outweighs the benefit.  The Council should immediately remove this ill-conceived constraint.  Instead it could work with external wall insulation installers, advising on materials and methods to sustain historical features and to produce the most aesthetic results.

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