i105: Provide consultants who can assess what each house needs to do and in what order

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Every house/flat is different. Occupants have different levels of understanding/knowledge/awareness of what they need to do and in what order to make their home as energy efficient as possible. We need a service similar to the gov.uk EPC assessors who are registered and trustworthy etc who can do an assessment of each and every home and provide a report on what you need to do, in what order and where you can get grants and financial help/support to make the changes. The cost of these reports should be means tested - ie free for all below certain income level and proportional to income levels for others. Then help should be provided - again proportionally via means testing - specific to each household depending on level of need/knowledge/ability to plan for and make changes and affordability.

This could also include joint/shared changes that whole streets/blocks of flats could commit to together if they wanted to - from share composting and food growing to shared electricity generators via turbines or heat pumps etc.

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