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Set up a publicly owned energy supplier for Hull delivering energy with minimum emissions

Energy utility companies buy energy on the wholesale market and sell to consumers.   Energy for Hull (EfH) would be an energy utility company for Hull.  It would supply 100% renewable electricity and the lowest emission gas available (maximal mixtures of biogas, green hydrogen and blue hydrogen with CCS).  EfH would have the Energy Company Obligation, as other companies, to insulate homes, but would pro-actively engage with customers and landlords to improve building energy efficiency.  It would also actively engage with customers wishing to switch to electrical heating and coordinate at-cost installation of heat pump systems.  It would also help customers switching from gas to induction hobs. It would own and operate its own wind and PV electricity generators within the city.  EfH would initially be 100% owned by the people of Hull via the Council.  As it would generate some of its own electricity, and would not need to pay dividends to shareholders, its energy costs could be competitive while cross-subsidising energy efficiency measures.  Although EfH would make little difference to national emissions, it could help Hull towards its 2030 commitment as a larger proportion of energy consumed in Hull would be renewable, sooner.  Ultimately, EfH would become unnecessary as other suppliers decarbonised there energy supplies, and EfH could be sold as a going concern.

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