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Support community car clubs
ReasonsThe majority of cars are parked for a large proportion of the time. Community car clubs give people access to a car when they need one, without the commitment of owning one.  This means fewer cars are parked in communities, allowing for the liberated space to be used for active travel, rewinding etc. As the community car is intensively used, it is renewed more often to the lowest emission version.  It gives access to a car to people who could not afford one.
A lot of advice is available for setting up such clubs, see https://como.org.uk/shared-mobility/community-schemes/community-car-share/.  The council can support by providing community parking, with electric charging, exclusively for car club vehicles. They can be exempt from emission charges. The council can have a person to help communities start and run clubs, providing advice, keeping abreast of the best insurance deals, and coordinating infrastructure.

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