i102: Ensure active travellers have the protection of the law.

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Ensure active travellers have the protection of the law

Stopping or parking on a cycle lane (Rule 240), driving into a advance stop zone (ASZ) through a red light (Rule 175), and driving onto the pavement or footpath (except to cross for access) (Rule 145); are all "MUST NOT" rules in the Highway Code and so are criminal offences.  However, all these offences are ubiquitous in Hull.  Furthermore, the institutions that tax active travellers to enforce the laws designed to protect them, are more likely to commit these offences than to prevent them. To achieve the rapid expansion of active travel required to reach carbon neutrality, active travellers need to feel safe and valued, with public status higher than that of the drivers of vehicles.

Bus and Taxi Drivers
Bus companies receive subsidies from the Council and taxi drivers require licences.  Bus and taxi companies should be required to operate a robust complaints handling system where drivers that are shown to have violated the Highway Code face internal gross misconduct processes.  The Council should audit complaints handling annually and sanction companies where they are found wanting.  Sanctions could include withholding fines from subsidies, switching routes between bus companies or taking routes into public ownership, and suspending licenses.

Council and Contractor Drivers
The Council should use its own disciplinary processes against Council employed drivers and require any contractors to have robust, audit-able complaints processes.

The Police
The Police frequently park illegally citing an national exemption from traffic laws and restrictions when "for policing purposes".  However, the College of Policing policy states that they must be able to "readily and proportionately justify their actions".  Police drivers who park illegally should receive parking notices from Council enforcement officers and fined unless they can demonstrate proportionality.

Driving Instructors
Council enforcement officers should report offences by driving instructors to the DVSA, so they can be considered upon re-registration.

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