i100: Smart Intersections

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Use smart technology to minimise emissions from transport intersections.

Hull has an expanding network of footpaths, cycle routes and roads, that inevitable lead to contention where they cross. Currently, the highest emission vehicles often have priority.  Traffic lights are sequenced to optimise some mixture of capacity and waiting times for road vehicles, with input from under-road sensors that do not detect cyclists.  Pedestrians (and increasingly, cyclists) need to push a button and wait significant periods for an opportunity to cross.  This technology is not fit for a 21st century, carbon neutral city.  Priority needs to be reversed so the lowest emission travellers have highest priority.  Cameras and AI can be used to identify approaching pedestrians and cyclists and to adjust lights to minimise disruption to their journeys.  A city wide, software, intersection manager would control lights to allow high emission vehicles to travel in pulses with the minimum amount of stopping-and-starting.  It would also attempt to ease the journeys of emergency vehicles.  Minimising emissions would be a major consideration when transport routes are re-engineered.  An example where this was clearly not done is the roundabout on the A1079 to provide access to the caravan factory.  Highway space on direct routes needs to be reallocated to low emission travel to promote transition to public transport and active travel.

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